A new product offers you innovative keeping hot and cold one-time hot and cold food and keeping heat or cold for long, easy-to-use hours suitable for road trips, productive families and restaurants. (A product that is compatible with health conditions and of high quality).

* Hotbox specifications:
● Color: White
● Keeps heat and cold for long hours
● Recommended for one-time use
● Lightweight
● Easy to use
● Sealed with sealed cover that prevents leaks
● The outer body is made of stretched polystyrene
● Internal body aluminum suitable for hot food
● Can be stored for long periods
● The inner aluminum vase can be separated and cooked directly, after which the inner aluminum pot is placed in the outer body to save heat.

* Capacity:
● 7-litre capacity: shape circle
● 3-litre capacity: rectangular
● 1.0-litre capacity: rectangular
● 1.0-litre (three-divider): rectangular
● 1.0-litre (two sections): rectangular
All varieties are used once to keep hot and cold food for long hours.